Sustaining and innovating video based services
in Higher Education in times of crisis

Two-day online conference   |   18–19 November 2020

Many Higher Education institutions are struggling to cope with the challenges of up-scaling and adapting to the circumstances brought about by the global pandemic. At the same time as demand on online services is at its peak, so to is the demand for meaningful, effective learning opportunities that take into account students’ well-being, pedagogical innovation and technical advances. On top of all this comes the needs of teaching and support staff.  So how can today’s university or college cater for such demanding situations?

Media & Learning Online doesn’t promise to provide all the answers, but it is an event where practitioners meet and share their experiences, where inspiration and innovation take centre-stage, and where networking and collaboration across borders are at the core. Join us on 18-19 November as our online story continues…...

Day 1
Scaling up video-based services in Higher Education


Now that so many universities have moved much of their learning online, we want to share good practices, explore the challenges and practicalities of putting effective support services online and try to come up with a vision of what the impact of all this change will be on how we experience higher education in the coming years with a particular emphasis on video.


  • Getting the blend right – when to chose for synchronous live video and when not!
  • Supporting student well-being in online environments supported by video
  • Helping academics successfully chose and use engaging online video based formats
  • Policies for video based services that scale based on current demands and expectations

Day 2
Experiences and practice in using AR and VR in Higher Education


AR and VR - collectively often called XR - offer an amazing set of opportunities to Higher Education.  During our conference we plan on examining how and why universities and other institutions are introducing extended reality. Not only is XR of growing interest as a means to support, enhance and extend learning, but researchers are increasingly involved in figuring out what are the unique affordances offered by XR in the learning sphere. In planning this conference, we are working closely with  the initiative XR ERA: a community for extended reality for education and research in academia, initiated by MLA member the Centre for Innovation at Leiden University in the Netherlands.


  • Examples of XR based applications in different settings in higher education
  • Production practices and experiences – building skills and know-how
  • Tools and platforms – what works best in different settings
  • Responsible use of AR/VR in diverse applications
  • Collaboration models and knowledge sharing within the XR ERA Community

Access to Day 1

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Free access to members of the Media & Learning Association

Access to Day 2

Price: €50 (without VAT) / €60.5 (inclusive of 21% VAT)

Free access to members of the Media & Learning Association

Conference Programme

What can you expect?

On each day, the conference will include:

  • Three presentation sessions mixing talks and discussions led by experienced practitioners and thought leaders
  • ‘Meet the speaker’ discussion sessions which are small break out opportunities to further the discussion started in presentations with our speakers
  • Activity based workshops where the onus is on participants involvement and creativity
  • Product and service discussions and demonstrations by our sponsors
  • Case studies and talks in small groups by experienced practitioners

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